Medic & Public Health Association Malaysia (MPHAM)

is non-profit organization deal with education and sharing of medical and public health progress, in Malaysia

With the rapid pace of medical and health education advancement, it is imperative to contribute to the proliferation of this knowledge.
We hope you will join us in furthering the knowledge of all our members.


We strive for excellence and maintain the highest ethical and professional standards.


We work with expertise, commitment, integrity, and humility.


We recognize and inspire leadership that upholds the highest standards of patient care, professionalism, education, policy development, and advocacy.


We respect the dignity of others and are sensitive and empathic to their needs.


We embrace diversity and inclusion to foster engagement, belonging, and respect in all that we do.

Equity and Justice

We create a just and equitable culture without barriers or limits to our members, patients, and the profession.


We cultivate a culture of caring for and about each other, and we advocate for and create systems changes that promote personal and professional fulfillment.

Collaborators & Sponsors